Rule Book

Rules and Regulations

Ragging Free Campus :

  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of the Institute.
  • Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline & shall be dealt with complete strictness & may result in expulsion or rustication from the institute.
  • An anti-ragging committee is formed every year by the institute, consisting of faculty members, to keep a check on ragging.

Disciplinary Rules :

Every student shall at all times be of good behavior, show diligence in studies, maintain decorum and dignity, take proper interest in co-curricular activities and observe all rules of discipline of the institution. Every Student admitted to the Institute shall abide by the Rules of Respective Universities & Institution.
If any student is found guilty of the breach of discipline, shall be punished in accordance with the Rules given below.

  • When student is found guilty of breach of discipline within or outside the Precinct of the University or Institution or persistent, idleness or has been guilty of misconduct, the Head of the Institution where such student is studying may:
    • Suspend such a student from attending classes for not more than a week at a time or,
    • Expel such a student from his institution or disqualify such a student from appearing in the next examination or
    • Rusticate from the Institute.
  • The period during which a student remains suspended for completion of an enquiry, shall be reckoned in the calculation of his attendance for appearing in an examination provided he is found innocent.

Hostel Rules :

Well-furnished separate hostels are available in the campus for the Boys and Girls. These hostels are governed by certain rules and regulations. A book of rules for the hostel is printed separately which will be provided to the student after admission in the hostel.

Library Rules :

To maintain the library management, two Library tokens are issued to each student, which can be obtained from the library office.

  • Membership of the library is open to all the students of the college. A student desirous of borrowing books from the library must have an identity card issued to him/her by the college with proper seal and signature of the Principal.
  • At a time only two books can be issued to a student. No book can be issued twice a month to the same student.
  • There is a provision of study of the reference books in the library reading room only.
  • The mutual transfer of the allotted books among the students is not permitted and shall be penalized whenever detected.
  • The books will be issued to the student only on the allotted date and time.

Academic Rules :

  • Student has to fulfill minimum attendance as set by concerning university.
  • Leave other than vacations will not be ordinarily granted to the students during the college session. Parents and guardians are requested not to encourage their wards to take leave from the college. Any kind of leave is permissible only with the prior written permission of the Principal, the minimum requirement of attendance to be fulfilled.
  • The student shall pay the fine for his/her offers when imposed by the principal.
  • Students remaining absent from classes for long duration are liable to be expelled from the college.
  • The student whose attendance fall short as per University norms is liable to be detained from the semester examination.
    However, the management may change its rules & regulations at any time.
  • Students should develop healthy support with their batch mates.
  • Students are not allowed to enter college premises without uniform.

Promotion to higher Classes :

Promotion to higher semester will be based on the criteria fixed by concerning the university. However, students seeking promotion will have to get the registration within seven days from commencement of classes.

Academic Counselor Scheme

A unique academic counselors scheme has been setup in the institute to assist the students in their initial adjustment. The academic counselors act as academic guardians and look after his/her needs and difficulties in the Institute. The academic counselors conduct regular meeting with the students. However, it is the duty of the student to meet academic counselors regularly as per fixed schedule. The internal report of the student is prepared and sent to their parents / guardians.

Proctorial Committee

A proctorial committee is functioning in the Institute headed by one of our senior faculty members for student welfare. This committee maintains discipline among the students. Incase of any act of indiscipline by student, the committee recommends proper action against the student.

Student council

Student councils are functioning in the institute. These councils organize debates, contests, G.K tests and various other programs. In general, the council stimulates interest for studies and establishes a healthy support among the students.

Health Services

The Institute provides medical facility to each student through a full time medical officer in the campus. Medical aid is made available to all students when required on subsidized payments. It is compulsory for each student to undergo regular medical checkups as per the schedule fixed by the Institute.

Scholarships and Awards

Motivation and encouragement have always been the effective forces for driving students to upkeep their performance in academic and extra-curricular activities. Cash Prizes, sponsorship, medals and certificates are awarded to the students seeking top ranks in examination as well as in the other activities. In the field of Academics a cash Prize is awarded to the topper in each year and Prof. K.K. Shrivastava trophy is awarded for academic achievements.

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