Teaching Staff


Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Specialization According to PG Exper. Email Address
Dr. Mahendra K. Shrivastava Professor Ph.D. Organic 19 19
Depti Bhadouria Asst. Prof. M.Sc. Inorganic 7 1972deepti@gmail.com
Jagrati Sharma Asst. Prof. M.Phil. Organic 4 jagrati1968@gmail.com
Anjana N. Singh Asst. Prof. M.Phil. Analytical 14 dsw@mpct.org
Pranveer S. Tomar Asst. Prof. M.Phil. Hyper Geometric Function 13 pstomar000072@gmail.com
Yogendra S. Kushwah Asst. Prof. M.Phil. Operation Research 9 yogi.jan78@gmail.com
Amrita Shrivastava Asst. Prof. M.Sc. Mathematics 5 arti.success911@gmail.com
Om Prakash S. Sisodia Assot. Prof. M.Phil. Mathematical Biology 6 amritashrivastava985@gmail.com
RNS Tomar Asst. Prof. Ph.D. Engllish Literature 15 sisodiya.hide@gmail.com
Dr. S.G. Telang Assot. Prof. Ph.D. Engllish Literature 21 shriram_omram@yahoo.com
Dr. Pawan Pahariya Asst. Prof. Ph.D. Maths 3 dr.s.g.telang@gmail.com
Dr. Chturbhuj Ojha Asst. Prof. Ph.D. Physics 4 drpkp01@gmail.com

Events & Activities

The Industry Institute Interface Program of MPCT aims at building bridges between academic and corporate world for mutual benefit. Students get Projects and Real life Problems from industry for discussion and solutions. The distinguished personalities from corporate world are invited to interact with the students and faculty.


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